Visitors to B2B sites know exactly why they came, and what they are looking for. They are ready to make a purchase and choose a vendor. Therefore, requirements for those websites are particularly strict.

The main difference of B2B websites is that the target visitors for such sites are managers or employees of other firms; They are well- informed experts on the subject who know exactly why they visited that site, and what they are looking to buy.

Therefore, B2B website development has much higher standards of quality regarding the website appearance, functionality, and the usability of the resource. This site should not just be based on a template. We take the time to fully understand the customer's business to develop an individual company-specific website, taking into consideration particular qualities of the target audience.

We can distinguish two main types of websites in the B2B category: corporate sites and site-catalogs of goods or services.

Prior to the development of any new website, it is essential to answer the following questions:

1. What kind of solutions is this website is needed for?

2. Identify the target audience of the site,

3. Usability of the site – to what extent is the website intuitive and easy to use,

4. Make a decision on the selection of services and sections of the website,

5. Adopt a marketing strategy to promote the website.

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