If you're not selling your product much cheaper than your competitors, then it is easier for users to leave the website, than to take the time to understand its arrangements.

There are many good looking, and high-quality websites, which don’t do their jobs properly, and they don’t sell products or services. The primary reason is that While they are developing the website, the target audience of the project, sales tools and the navigation of visitors on the website were not taken into consideration.

Here are the main points which should be considered when starting to develop the site for the end user:

1. Identity of the buyer

The buyer is usually a simple person who sometimes does not know what they want to buy. They can be susceptible to impulse purchases and often take hasty decisions.

When creating a website for a customer, one should have a good understanding of their personality, strengths, weaknesses, and be able to use knowledge of psychology on both human perception and consumer behavior.

2. Usability is key

The greatest emphasis is placed on usability. Calculating tracks on the website and conversion mechanisms is crucial. It is necessary to provide an intuitively understandable way of obtaining information about the product and making a purchase. If you are not selling a product much cheaper than the competition, then it is easier for the user to leave the site, than to take the time to understand what and how the details are.

3. Close relationship between the consumer and seller

It is necessary to take into account the experience of offline stores: often the user does not understand the product and doesn’t have much desire to study question thoroughly, that is why they buy a product that is recommended by the consultant.

In the online store, choice entirely depends on the consumer, and there are situations where a purchase was not made because of the lack of a small piece of advice from the consultant. Therefore, the website should pay attention to the contact of the buyer with the seller, while avoiding a compulsive following of the user communication modules. They can irritate as much as intrusive salespeople in the stores.

4. Consumer perception on the beautiful wrap and presentation of a product

The laws of perception of information work here at their fullest. It is necessary to explain why this item is needed, why it is impossible to manage without it. What it will give, and why it is useful. It is known that users are more willing to buy products from appealing websites.

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