A website constructor offering to do the job for the same price as a cup of coffee, or a designer offering to do that same job for the same price as a nice car…

How do you choose and make the online store work?

Many proposals from all sides are targeting a person, who has decided to create an online store. Those are website-constructors and designers who promise that it is possible to create a complete online store for the price of a cup of coffee, and studios offering to create a website for the average cost of a foreign car.

Are there ways to understand all of this?

Try to put the name of your product in the search box and look at your competitors' sites. Are any of these sites built on a template and can they respond to you immediately - it is unlikely. Now search engines are very demanding on a websites layout. Such as, whether the site adapts to different screen resolutions of monitors and how it appears on smartphones and tablets, usability, texts - everything.

As a rule, with the help of constructors, one can build a website with a basic function of an online store: choose a product, put it in a basket, and place your order.

However, most likely, this website will never be at the top of search engines, and while using contextual advertising, it will have a very low conversion. Why? The answer is simple. Products based on a template or standard solutions cannot compete with products created according to specific requirements of a particular business.

We offer website development of online stores, based on years of experience and the latest trends in web design.

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