If you have website, but it does not have visitors – it is a waste of money, labor and time.

The three main ways to attract visitors to the website are:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Contextual advertising
  • Social media marketing (SMM)
  • Search engine promotion

    It is necessary to undertake optimization work for the website to be found through search engine according to the specific inquiries. Search engines have a set of specific requirements, following them will make a website rank high in search results.

    Promotion is based on the knowledge of algorithms of search engines, and the application of marketing principles to retain visitors on the website, along with ongoing analytics.

    Efficient work on the promotion of the website requires teamwork. The website is run by an SEO-optimizer, a copywriter, and a webmaster. We set up the website in accordance with the requirements of search engines and optimize its performance.

    Presence in social networks

    Conducting marketing campaigns in social networks solve several problems: namely, it will increase brand awareness and strengthen its credibility, while attracting new customers.

    High efficiency of work with social networks has several purposes:

  • Non-advertising message format. Information transmitted from one user to another user in the social network can be compared with a personal recommendation, and hence, this message will be more credible than conventional advertising
  • "Word of mouth." If you create content that will interest users, then it will spread by itself
  • Detailed targeting settings. Only on Facebook, you can set up targeting according to hundreds of different parameters.
  • Interactive communication. The ability to respond quickly to questions and feedback from users, to maintain a dialogue with them
  • We will develop a comprehensive strategy of presence in social networks and carry out effective advertising campaigns
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